Vermicelli Kheer

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This recipe was made, photographed and gifted to me by  my friend Tariq Mahmud Jatala.


Milk 1liter
Milk Cream 50 grams.
Vemicille100 gram
Cardamom Grains
Sliced Pistachio and Almonds ( boiled, peeled of and sliced )

Method of Cooking:

Fry vermicelli and a negligible quantity of cardamom grains in little butter or ghee on low flame for about 3 minutes.
Do not let it darken or stick. Add milk and milk cream, stir and let the material boil.
When it starts bubbling put sugar (or sweetener, if advised) according to taste.
Add a little quantity of almonds too, stir and wait till the bubbling starts again.
Save yourself from bursting of sweat bubbles for about two minutes and lift the cooking pan from the burner.
Pour kheer into bowl or cups and decorate it with almond, pista and cardamom grains.

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MissDragon 12/28/2009 18:03

Hi Zara!
I like your receip of the serbian salad. I bet it`s delicious! I wanted to give you these comment on your Gypsy-Village-Blog, but it didn`t work yet. Have I to be a member of blogspot to be able to
comment it?
- Melle